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  • 7/21/2019 Wow, almost 6 years between updates. The servers are still running and I occasionally see and still play with live folks on the TFC server. It has stood up well and is still a lot of fun. BoB is currently running on a lease return HP box. Core2Duo @ 3ghz with 12GB ram. The TFC server is set for 2GB heap, but doesn't seem to ever use more than about 500MB. The mail server is running on a very similar box with 8GB ram, I should probably flip them.
  • 11/22/13 Not quite 2 years between updates this time. BoB has been running on linux for a couple of years now. The mail server died about a week ago and needed to be replaced. 3 years out of a $100 lease return Pentium 4 box is acceptable. We are now in a 3ghz core2 box with 4gb of RAM. If you are reading this, drop an e-mail to bommer at my mail server. Let me know who is still alive out there.
  • 3/23/12 Wow, 6 years since the last update. I guess it was about a year ago that the P4 box that hosted the web and game servers gave up the ghost with the mail server following a few months later. The game and web server were moved to a nice little dual core AMD system and the mail server was put on a surplus P4 Dell desktop that I got for 50 bucks. The web and gme servers live on a sweet little refurb SFF box from MicroCenter. While the servers are back up, I haven't bothered with the forums because spambots were using it to sell porn, mortgages and cock pills to each other. The mail server is waiting an upgrade to a Core2Duo box that I got, almost literally, for a song. Jump on the TFC server, the .77 version of the FoxBot is fun opponent. The TF2 server is up and running, while prettier, it just doesn't have the same crude charm that TFC does.
  • 8/7/06 Being fed up with the spamming of the message board.......... I have set up a new one. It is the latest version of phpBB. Everything seems to be working great and now I get to play with php for the main page.  You can self-register. Enjoy.


  • 2/23/05 I have added ETF to the server. For those that don't know, ETF is a Team Fortress mod for Enemy Territory (a free download as well). Get it, play on my server. There are links and info over that the ETF webpage that will get you what you need. This is nothing new, 500 megs of free software and you are playing a pretty version of TF. I have 8 bots running on the server most of the time, and I will tweak those settings to better match the maps. The bots are currently an early version of the Omni-bot and are a bit  stupid , I expect them to eventually be as good as the venerable Foxbot.


  • 10/22/04 Over a year since the last update. I guess things have been a bit slow. The Abit BP6 dual processor board died about a week ago due to faulty processors. After a bit of trial and error, we got the server running agian. Better, stronger, faster. It now sports a 3.06GHZ P4, 512megs of 333DDR, and a pair of 40 gig drives all in a cool little Shuttle SS51g. Check out how fast the message board is now.  


  • 10/2/03 Wow, it's been 6 months since the last news update. I finished the upgrade to the new mail server. It is fast. I also updated to that piece of shit that Valve is calling Steam and I (finally) have admin mod running on BOB. As an update to the previous update <G> I traded the Bandit on a 2003 Suzuki V-Strom. A 1000cc V-Twin with a riding positon like a dirtbike and weight to match. Much fun was had on the streets of Denver. 



Hints for your pleasure

  • Check out the Message board, some good stuff can be found there.

  • New and wannabe Server Admins, read my HLDS Help  page. It has all the basics for starting a server covered.

  • READ THE CONSOLE COMMANDS PAGE. It can help you with your lag. 


  • Visit the Henchmen page to see who just whooped your ass.A bit out of date, send me your pics.

  • The ftp site has ALL of the maps available on BOB, click on them then "save link as" the default TFC folder is c:\sierra\half-life\tfc\maps




Request maps here . Make sure you put the map name on the subject line.

Any other correspondance should go to admin. All local content 2003

Spammers (direct marketers, you fuckers know who you are) should go to straight to Hell.